LEVALET France, b. 1988

Born in 1988 in Epinal (France) Levalet grew up in Guadeloupe (Antilles) and returned to Paris at the age of 17. He started to paint at the age of 13, but only began studying Art at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Strasbourg after his return. Although he was equally passionate about theatre, the audio-visual sector, photography, sculpting and painting, he finally decided to specialise and focus on Visual Arts.


Using ink on Kraft paper, Levalet developed a series of characters, based on photographs or self-portraits, that are displayed on the walls of Paris. Inspired by cinema, improvisation and mimes, Levalet uses codes and references from live entertainment to create a fictional troupe of life-size comedians interacting with bystanders.


In a desire to promote urban art, the 13th district has allowed Levalet to continuously unleash his creativity by providing him with space for his work. Glued on the walls, Levalet's characters easily lure us into their absurd adventures in which they gently mock, while simultaneously brightening, our everyday lives. Levalet's illusions will introduce you to a charming, fictional reality.


He stages his scaled-to-life characters by first measuring the spaces in which they will come to life. He then draws them in ink at his studio, referencing staged photographs. Once his renderings are complete, he takes them to the streets, affixing them to public spaces with wheat paste. His life-like figures participate in a game of visual dialogue with their environment, interacting with the architecture, surprising the passers by, and are often deployed in situations bordering on absurd. Levalet’s cast of characters adds a new and distinct dimension of life to the world in which they live.