Born in 1984 in Toronto, Caitlin Cronenberg is an award-winning photographer and director whose celebrity portraits and artistic compositions have appeared in several top international publications over the past decade.


Caitlin’s unique use of light makes her photographic style highly recognizable while being intensely cinematic. Often inspired by her subjects, she aims to share their stories and beauty with the world. Given her ability to evoke depth, emotion and storytelling in her portfolio,


Caitlin is highly sought after for high-end brand campaigns including special projects and exclusive collaboration series. In 2010, Caitlin published her first photography book, POSER, and in 2018 released her second book, THE ENDINGS, which became a national bestseller. In 2017, she was awarded the globally acclaimed Canadian Arts and Fashion Award for “Image Maker of the Year”. With her artistic photography career in full bloom, Caitlin is definitely set to make a global impact in the art industry.