Tara McPherson was born in 1976 and raised in Los Angeles. She received a BFA with honours from Art Center College of Design in California. Master of the illustrative technique she is able to blend her paint perfectly with a meticulous pictorial approach to originate otherworldly figures and a pastel palette, and use it to colour her black and pink extravagant backgrounds. In the middle of a psychedelic scene, the women’s eyes stand out wide open to freeze the viewer through the magnetism their magenta iris.


It is evident that McPherson’s art is all about a hypnotic relation between her seductive characters and us; those that try to stun our senses, to steal our soul and bring it around to a magic land.


Here everything shines to the rhythm of fireworks, or limpid water, where drops turn to diamonds, symbolism reveals in sparks of stars and little hearts that decompose as atoms to leave the figures heartless. If this should make them cold and lonely, a cosmic aura surrounds them to make all dynamic and saturated with energy.