ERKUT TERLIKSIZ Turkey, b. 1978

Based in Istanbul, Erkut Terliksiz is an originally skilled artist known for his use of bright colors and cartoon-like style, inspired by renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Philip Guston, and George Condo. Terliksiz explores the concept of human vulnerability, the transience of time, and the significance of seizing the moment. To provoke conversations on the human experience, he combines physical anatomy and psychology in his art, creating unconventional amalgamations. Despite the somber subject matter, Terliksiz's playful use of paint breathes life into his work. Terliksiz's art draws heavily on Picasso's Cubist style, where he distorts his subjects using his unique visual language. He emphasizes facial features such as bulging eyes, ears, and noses, creating dynamic and dramatic compositions that are characterized by sharp color contrasts and rounded contours.
The protagonists in his art have a childlike quality, with wide-open eyes and gaping mouths that are both curious and innocent. Each character has a unique personality and is either examining their surroundings or confidently embarking on a new journey. The unconventional scale and composition create a flattened perspective, allowing viewers to decide where to focus their attention. Terliksiz's art is rooted in intuition and chance, reflecting his sensitivity to the world around him.
As he explains, "I enjoy the small, unintentional elements of painting. Allowing those accidents leads to subplots in the works”.