CLEMENTINE BAL France, b. 1979

Clementine Bal is a french sculptor born in Paris in 1979 and graduated from L’École des Beaux-Arts. Clementine Bal questions the essential links between nature and our inner world.


The sometimes disconcerting naiveté of her work touches the viewers, as if an antidote to the sound and fury of the world had been found. Influenced by the work of Mark Ryden, Marion Peck or Hayao Miyazaki, Clementine Bal always seeks to refine, to simplify lines and gesture to create a Pop Art dominated by fictional characters reminding her of her childhood. Her characters are weirdly familiar: imaginary animals, baby volcanoes in a multicoloured eruption, groups of mountains warming each other up, small hybrid ghosts... Full of gentleness, they bring no judgment and invite us to welcome and to sympathise.