CHENG CHENG YI China, b. 1985

Born in 1985, Cheng Cheng Yi is a Chinese contemporary artist from Beijing. Since his graduation from the prestigious Anhui Normal University in 2011, Yi has been constantly honing his technical skills and style, from gentle brush strokes and soft colours to his current unique and elaborate aesthetic, a mix between shape and bold, captivating tones.


Skillfully and meticulously executing his works with utmost care and attention to every detail, Yi plays with codes, geometric shapes and silhouettes that remind us of Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama, placing the figure of a boy – his own self-portrait – in an urban environment.


His characters tell stories about adolescence and the dreams of the young generation. With the use of a primary palette and monochromatic backgrounds, the artist conveys his vision of the individual living in contemporary society. He has exhibited extensively in China since 2011, with numerous sold out shows in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and in Europe with Dorothy Circus Gallery.