PECA Argentina / Spain

Peca is an Argentine artist who studied Fine Arts at the University of La Plata. The period of her studies was marked by the background of the military dictatorship, which shaped the years of her education.
This artist's creative process has its roots in introspection and self-analysis, from which she draws to translate visions filled with positivity and love originating from her dreams and meditations. To take us along on her visual journey, which begins in the otherworldly and continues with the invocation of countless fantastical creatures, Peca employs a diverse range of media, including oils, acrylics, and pencils. With a bright and dynamic interplay of joyful pigments, Peca captivates viewers and guides them into her personal odyssey, leading straight to the heart of her enchanting surreal universe. Weaving a mystical cosmos teeming with extraordinary settings, Peca places soft-eyed creatures at the center of her narrative, whispering sweet thoughts to us. Although located in an extra-galactic dimension beyond human reach, these beings maintain an intimate connection with Earth, representing the conduit for the artist's personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions.
Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, Peca's characters traverse celestial landscapes: fields of strawberries, fantastical oceans, and surreal territories, seemingly in search of communion with the world and its countless inhabitants.