NATEEPOL Thailand, b. 1990

Nateepol is a young and talented artist, painter, and engraver born in Chiangmai, Thailand. With his distinctive style, he blends pop surrealism and comic art, using both fluid acrylic painting on canvas and the ancient woodcut process. After specializing in engraving at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiangmai University, he began to shape his multidisciplinary artist profile by designing themed series and exploring woodcut, canvas painting, and sculpture.

His art is characterized by a romantic style and dense, vibrant tones. Nateepol's paintings are harmonious, visually rich, and emotionally stirring. Echoing the magical universes of Miyazaki, the artist delves into deep sentimental narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages. Focusing on themes of love and self-acceptance, this artist stands out significantly in the contemporary Asian painting scene, offering an unforgettable introspective journey to his now international audience.