SCOTT MUSGROVE America, b. 1966

Scott Musgrove, the self-proclaimed “Honorary Chairman of the National Institute of Creative Zoology,” paints lyrical and fantastical fauna and wields a wicked sense of humor. He creates creatures in lush landscapes, albeit in unlikely locations. His works are titled after the fictitious scientific names he ascribes to the animals, though more recently he has also been using famous last words. Musgrove’s paintings are often framed in antique frames with engraved gold nameplates engraved with the bizarre species names he tells about. Though fantastical, his paintings contain and reveal allegorical narratives about environmental issues and concern for endangered wildlife. Musgrove says with mixed seriousness and jest: “One wonders, how could Science and History have given up on and forgotten these splendid and awkward creatures?” While he has been characterized as a pop-surrealist, he cites as his influences John James Audubon and artists of the Hudson River School.