Kazuki Takamatsu was born in Sendai, Japan in 1978. He attended the Department of Oil Painting at Tohoku University of Art & Design, where graduated in 2001. Takamatsu’s depth-mapping technique and his intimate language are inspired by Japanese Manga girls. His works are as unique as painstakingly intricate, fusing classic drawing, airbrush and gouache painting with computer graphics. His little monochromatic Lolitas emerge from the dark abyss, and take shape in a series of white and grey layers, metaphorically expressing the relationship between Ying and Yang, the ambiguity of the positive and the negative. Melancholic and sensual, Takamatus’s girls shed a mystic and revealing light on the stratified and highly detailed decorations of Japanese traditional symbols. Takamatsu exhibited his work internationally in prestigious galleries, and has worked with Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2013.