Kazuki Takamatsu was born in Sendai, Japan in 1978. He attended the Department of Oil Painting at Tohoku University of Art & Design, where he graduated in 2001.


His works are uniquely intricate, born from the fusion of classical drawing, airbrush, gouache painting, and the digital technique of "depth-mapping," allowing him to meticulously trace every point of light and shadow for an astonishing depth perception.


The luminescent canvases of Takamatsu feature monochromatic doll-like girls emerging from the abyss, taking form from layers of color to reveal a mystical light and a layered decoration of symbols from Japanese tradition, their detail rendering them hypnotic. Unveiling an obsessive study of drapery, with the stunning rendition of transparencies inspired by soft silk garments, as well as the pursuit of romantic ornamentation, the Artist molds the codes of beauty, imbuing them with a poignant meaning, aimed at drawing viewers into a careful reading of the intricate symbolism of Time meticulously layered and encrypted in each of his works.

The dark and vacant backgrounds serve to emphasize the figures that dominate the canvases, while flows of emotions resonate in timeless scenes echoing the human experience, thus reflecting the state of our collective culture of sentiment. In his black and white series, the artist refers through the dissolution of light and shadow to the struggle between good and evil; the absence of color serves to amplify the contrasts and emphasize the lightness of the soul standing out against the absence of light. Through his most recent experimentation, Takamatsu has developed two new color palettes: Red and Blue. Both of these color series arise from a profound and careful choice aimed at sharing a sought-after symbolism of color. Red is associated with birth, fire, and the energy of creation. Blue draws inspiration from both the discovery and widespread use of this color pigment in the mid-19th century by impressionist artists. Blue resonates with spirituality, introspection, the ocean, and the power of nature. Takamatsu's works encapsulates a spectrum of emotions, from joy to sorrow, depth to lightness.

Through this, he not only portrays the individual hopes and dreams of his characters but also taps into the collective emotional journey of a nation as distinctive and rich in history as Japan.