Kazuki Takamatsu was born in Sendai, Japan in 1978. He attended the Department of Oil Painting at Tohoku University of Art & Design, where graduated in 2001.

Takamatsu’s depth-mapping technique and his intimate language are inspired by Japanese Manga girls. His works are as unique as painstakingly intricate, fusing classic drawing, airbrush and gouache painting with computer graphics. His Lolita's emerge from the dark abyss, and take shape in a series of coloured layers to review a mystic light and the traditional symbology through the highly detailed decorations of Japanese traditional symbols. Through his paintings you can catch a glimpse of the conversation between the realistic human feelings and emotions, and the unrealistic expectations that us human beings have of each other.

You can find a reflection of yourself in the current state of the world, Takamatsu combines classical approaches such as drawing, airbrush and gouache with computer graphics. In his paintings he artistically documents the feelings and emotions of the human being, thereby reflecting the state of our culture. Within his most popular black and white series , the artist through the dissolution of light and shadow, refers to the battle between good and evil, the renunciation of colors means to amplify the opposites and enhance the lightness of the soul standing out against the absence of light. In the artist most recent and exclusive series we find two colors Red and Blu, both these colored series are born after a profound and careful choice that aims to share the deepest symbolism of the color as elements and message to unravel in his pictorial narratives. The red is in fact associated to birth, fire and energy of creation.
The Blue takes inspiration from both the discovery and wide use of this color pigment back in mid 19th century by the impressionist artists. The Blue resonates with the Spirituality, the introspection, the ocean and the power of nature.
Takamatsu exhibits his work internationally and with Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2013.