MARION PECK USA / Philippines, b. 1963

Marion Peck is a Philippine-born American artist working with oil painting media, creating enchanting compositions characterised by delicate palettes and sophisticated scenarios. The inspiration behind her work comes from the period of time she spent living in Italy, following which she incorporated the element of the typical Italian Renaissance composition into her art and achieved an outstanding level of technicality.

The Surrealist dreamlike yet unsettling atmosphere comes on the other hand, by the strong influence of the  Pop Surrealism King her husband Mark Ryden, whose stile inevitably influenced Peckformula.

The Artist in fact developed her own very specific imagery and recognisable narrative that merge social and environmental issues with idyllic landscapes  colonised by disquieting sceneries, revealing the brutality of the world we live in.

Peck’s paintings involve the audience in a mystical process, capturing the essence of the unexplainable being rooted deeply into a supernatural symbology.

Composed of a graceful juxtapositions of colours and soft shapes, every canvas by Peck escorts us into a marvellous world, bittersweet and absurd, where outlandish landscapes are inhabited by circus creatures and furry characters with big Bambi eyes. Her promptly recognisable  style is distinguished by a unique sense of humor, fluctuating from joyous to sarcastic through the depiction of unusual subjects in a way that resembles a dream. Pecks works reoccurring meaning is one of provocation and hidden political and social protests in which the essential subject of discussion is our own self and our responsibilities.