ANDREY REMNEV Russia, b. 1962

Born in 1962, in Yakhroma, Russia, Andrey Remnev graduated from the Moscow Art School in 1983. His technique is basted on the combination of methods employed in the traditional Russian icon painting, as well Russian art of the 18th century, Russian Constructivism and the compositional innovations of the World of Art group.


Remnev uses natural pigments bound with egg yolk to recall the ancient technique of medieval painters.Womanhood is often the focus of his production. At first glance, Remnev’s characters appear delicate in their refined surreal clothing while their mysterious eyes and faces transmit a sense of power. 


Remnev’s elaborate compositions, which he borrows from the Renaissance, convey to his characters a sense of importance against the shrunk landscapes. His works is colourful, decorative, and deeply symbolic, revisiting a pictorial tradition while still adopting an extremely contemporary approach.


Andrey Remnev has extensively exhibited in Moscow, Ryazan, Sergiev Posad, Dmitrov, The Hague, Trenton, among others, and will exhibit for the first time in Italy at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, November 2019. 


His works, based on Russian motifs, have attracted and inspired numerous foreign designers. The fall-winter 2015 collection of the Spanish designer "Delposo" was created under the impression of Remnev's works, and the spring-summer 2018 collection of the Italian fashion label "Vivetta" was created in a collaboration with the artist.


Remnev is also the artistic director of the plein air and the jury member of the international youth festival "Russian Spring" (Bavaria 2012, Barcelona 2013, Paris 2014). He is a professor at Surikov's Moscow State Art Institute and an honorary member of the International Academy of Culture and Art.