Born in Tokyo, Mitsuko Kuroki has earned her Master’s at the Tama Art University Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2016. Mitsuko has gained an incredible success among collectors and the public thanks to her skilled use of mineral pigments which allow her to achieve an extraordinary high intensity of colours in her artworks.


Her dream-like creatures have specific traits which hint at different influences coming together in her style. Placed on a black background to highlight the purity of their skin, these young women have very delicate physical features which recall the aesthetics of traditional Japanese prints, as well as the doll's inspired make-up of Geishas, although the shape of their face and their eyes makes them look like little Madonnas, referencing the Art Nouveau movement.


Mitsuko won the Jury Special Award at the 2015 FACE Exhibition and took part in the project The Four Seasons of Japan in 2014. She has been exhibiting her works in Japan since 2012 and had a huge success in Europe at the Dorothy Circus Gallery.