Graduated in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University in Kodaira, Miho Hirano is one of the most captivating Japanese artists in the contemporary art world.


The artist explores the visual themes of sensuality and femininity by portraying beautiful women whose physical features blend with the nature surrounding them. Flowers, birds, fishes and water become organic accessories that adorn the protagonists, on par with precious jewels. 


The always fleeting glances of the protagonists symbolise the escape from reality, a theme thoroughly explored by the artist through an exceptional technique of oil on canvas that blends with the blooming flowers and immersions in clear waters, connecting us with the sacred relationship with nature.


Following her first successful shows in Japan, as well as group and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, the artist collaborated with Urban Nation on Project M/14 in 2019. She exhibited for the first time at Dorothy Circus Gallery in 2020.