PAOLO PEDRONI Italian, b. 1983

Paolo Pedroni was born in Brescia in 1983. His very first artistic works were carried out on the canvas of the streets, spray graffiti and street art upon the walls of the suburbs. He graduated from the European Institute of Design in 2005, and even if he works in the field of design, he has never forgotten his innate passion for painting and drawing, that have made him one of the great Italian pop surreal artists. 
Pedroni’s characters are child-like or childhood objects, colourful and depicted with the most refined painting technique. The Artist has challenged himself to work on larger and larger formats, with a result that is filled to the brim with images, a horror vacui inspired by the style of Murakami, and that Pedroni executed with a technique at the same time hyperrealistic, sugary, and extremely elaborate and refined. Paolo Pedroni’s paintings are the result of the artist’s fervid imagination reversed on a canvas. 
His imaginary ranges from the bitter-sweet narrative of a fairy tale dedicated to Fragility, to a clear condemnation of the consumerism that characterizes our times and that “makes us all victims”, with a clear reference to the issue of Social Media. Pedroni explores this compelling theme in the series titled Full of Emptiness. The artworks explore the debate on Social Media, that the Artist sees at the same time as a very powerful tool for conveying positive messages, social networks are able to bring world communities together and creating a universal experience that unifies and battles social injustices (such as with the Black Lives Matter, Me Too and the Argentinian Ni Una Menos movements), and – because of the developments in the last years – as an arena of suffering, harboured by depression, self-isolations, addiction and fake news. Paolo Pedroni’s art is internationally exhibited and collected.