PAOLO PEDRONI Italian, b. 1983

Paolo Pedroni was born in Brescia in 1983. His early works of art were created on the streets, including spray graffiti and street art on the walls of the suburbs of Brescia, while his canvas paintings are now exhibited and collected internationally.


Graduating from the European Institute of Design in 2005, despite working in the field of design, he never forgot his innate passion for painting and drawing, which has made him one of the leading Italian artists in the Pop Surrealism movement. Pedroni's characters are childlike figures, surrounded by childhood objects, colorful and soft, described with the most sophisticated painting technique. The artist challenges himself and his abilities, working on increasingly larger formats, resulting in a composition filled to the brim with images, an "horror vacui" inspired by Murakami's style. Pedroni executes this with a simultaneously hyper-realistic, sugary, and extremely elaborate and refined technique.


Paolo Pedroni's paintings are the result of the artist's fervid imagination and profound sensitivity, poured onto canvas. His imagery ranges from the bittersweet narrative of a fable dedicated to Fragility, to the clear condemnation of consumerism that characterizes our times and "makes us all victims," with a direct reference to issues related to social media. Pedroni explores these compelling themes in a series titled "Full of Emptiness," in which the body of work delves into the debate on Social Media. The artist sees them both as a powerful tool for transmitting positive messages and as social networks capable of bringing together communities and creating a universal experience that unifies and fights social injustices, but at the same time, as arenas of suffering, hiding places for depression, self-isolation, addiction, and fake news.