Nataly Abramovitch, known by her artistic name Kukula, is a multidisciplinary artist based in the United States. Established as a Pop-Rococo artist, Kukula masterfully blends the inspiration of classical European art with contemporary pop culture in her oil-painted works.
The artist creates fantastic scenarios with a lively yet realistic approach, characterized by intricate and whimsical details. Her paintings often recall traditional portraiture, depicting doll-like female figures immersed in idyllic landscapes surrounded by objects with symbolic meanings that appear sometimes clear and sometimes mysterious.
The inspiration behind Kukula's works stems from her imagination and study of the costumes and fashion of past eras, nourished in equal measure by stories of princesses and real life, as well as her personal and lived experiences as a woman and mother. Through an undeniable and extremely accurate use of colors, shapes, and details, Kukula captures these experiences, generating a uniquely harmonious artistic symphony. 
Kukula offers a deeply feminine perspective, but in transforming her works into a dreamlike visual narrative, she includes androgynous forms that symbolize freedom of gender and self-perception.
Her art captures the gaze through fragments of joy and sweet memories, creating a world in which every nuance and compositional decision reveals the innermost secrets of a story. Her compositions masterfully reveal the complex relationship between the past and modernity, blending contemporary notes and historical whispers. Kukula's work resurrects the lightness of Rococo in a fusion of modern sentiments with the pulse of contemporary women's stories, creating a distinctive and precious enchanted universe.
Throughout her artistic career, Kukula has collaborated with luxury designers such as MRZ-Marziali in 2015 for a limited capsule collection and in 2016 with RED Valentino, creating one-of-a-kind items portraying her signature doll figures.