Born in Philadelphia, raised in Fresno and based in LA since 2003, Luke Chueh is a multidisciplinary artist internationally renowned for his paintings and for being an iconic personality in the field of Animation, Illustration and 3D toy design.

The Artist masterfully balances a dose of irony and desperation into an overall adorable visual, walking on the thin edge between comedy and tragedy.


Awe and contrast are key to interpreting the bizarre scenarios depicted by this contemporary painter, whose creations are characterized by the juxtaposition of "cute" and "bitter". For his inspiration, the Artist dips inside his personal life and emotions, putting his most truest self and feelings on stage with the purpose of relating to the toughest and most traumatic experiences one may suffer. The recurrent theme in his art is fighting a battle within whilst exploring the dark side of being a Human Being.


Luke Chueh's beautiful paintings, some blurry, some short-range monochromatic, some textured, are always pervaded by a wintery mood to give us the sense of overcoming an important internal challenge.