ALEX FACE Thailand

Alex Face (Patcharapon Tangruen) is a Thai graffiti artist who expresses himself across street art, painting and enormous sculptures of bronze. His Street Art established itself in Thailand, subsequently achieving success in overseas cities thanks to the recognisable iconography with which the artist provokes the city's inhabitants through interventions in public spaces to reflect on contemporary social issues.


His significant fame came in 2009 when he became a father, concerned about the becoming world in which his daughter lived when Alex introduced the main character of his works: a three-eyed child dressed in a ragged rabbit suit, inspired by his daughter, Mardi, who has sometimes her eyes closed and gives passerby a sense of weary vulnerability and wry look.


His recent participation in street art festivals includes Peinture Fraîche Festival, Lyon, France (2019). His recent exhibitions include Scorch and Drop, Thinkspace (Gallery I), Los Angeles, USA (2021), Monument of Hope, BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY, Bangkok, Thailand (2020) and Fragile, Art Porters Gallery, Singapore (2020).