MOE NAKAMURA Japan, b. 1988

Born in 1988, Moe Nakamura received her her MFA from Joshibi University of Art and Design in 2012. She currently lives in Tokyo where she works as a sculpture artist. Nakamura’s works are among the most coveted artworks of modern and contemporary asian art. The artist dedicates her research on the creation of original hand-carved wooden figures. Her sculptures depict youthful faces in a costume or mask that emerge from trees, evoking magic and sacred spirits while embodying innocence and serenity. 


These adorable and yet mysterious sculptures are meticulously carved and painted with soft and natural colour palettes, and can reach at times enormous sizes, recalling the the grandeur of Japanese trees and the to the magnificence of the spirit of the forest from which they originate. Nakamura’s art conveys the poetry and the spirituality of the elements of nature, leading the viewer into an enchanting and timeless fairytale.


Since 2010, her work has been featured repeatedly at the Taipei World Trade Center and the Tokyo Art Museum multiple times, with two solo exhibitions in 2012 and 2014. She has also exhibited in international galleries and is recognised as one of the most important artist int the art scene of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other Asian regions. She exhibits for the first time at Dorothy Circus Gallery in 2020.