CLEMENTINE DE CHABANEIX: Memories Of The Future: Dorothy Circus Rome & London | Solo Show

24 Jun - 16 Jul 2022
Opening this new exhibition path will be the delicate ceramic sculptures by Clementine de Chabaneix could be described as an animist tale taking shape. Each with its own unique story and personality, her sculptures are inhabitants of the world that exists between dream and reality. They invite the viewer to join them in this realm and explore their imagination. Through perfect balance and elegant chromatic combinations, they pull on the strings of our purest feelings. This particular series, entitled Memories of the Future, represents the idea of a dreamlike future. Chabaneix’s scenarios star a variety of combinations of symbols and creatures, such as shamans riding dragons, a woman resting on a world-shaped disco ball, and large animals as keepers of metal flowers, vestiges of ancient gardens in a hypermodern world with the purpose of exploring the relationship between humanity and its environment. It is notable how in her recent work, Chabaneix has, with originality and exquisite technique, picked up from where her grandparents, Les Lalannes, had left off. There is, in fact, a poetic resonance within artists’ symbologies and narratives.