EAU DE PARFUM: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

25 Feb - 16 Apr 2011
Featuring: Mia Araujo, Tara Mc Pherson, Natalie Shau, Ana Bagayan, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth, Matthew Pasquarello, Benjamin Lacombe e Leila Ataya.
Eau de parfum opens the 2011 schedule of Dorothy Circus Gallery, bringing together for the first time in Italy, with an invitation to confrontation on an issue where memory and emotions are inextricably linked, nine of the most promising American artists of the Pop Surrealism, who can boast their previous experience in major exhibition galleries of American sector.

The artists Mia Araujo, Tara McPherson, Natalie Shau, Ana Bagayan, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth, Matthew Pasquarelli,Benjamin Lacombe and Leila Ataya will paint an intangible world, formless, seemingly unreal, just beacause it cannot be perceived by the eyes, but it can only be reached through a sense, a universe fragile and intense, persistent and intangible, that holds up the huge edifice of memory on almost impalpable droplet.

The spray of perfume, in an instant, releases the secret voice of feeling, the kaleidoscope of emotions, the intrigues of the charm and seduction, and awakens our sleeping side, by pushing a journey back in which memories and feelings are the same. The soul, struggling with Obivium, takes back the drifting memories, digging up those feelings that come back on the surface in their disturbing strength and violence; as one who, opening the doors of a closet with old clothes discarded and impregnating of an ancent smell , buried his face trough them, will have the impression that he has circumvented the time-space coordinates, to take back the loved ones and bring them alive once again. The smell in his short and untochable time stops, even if illusory, the impetuous race of Time.

Dorothy Circus Gallery invites the public in a dialogue with many voices amo
ng people whose lifes bacame main character and the world interpreted by artists, and invite them to be lulled with the evocative symphony of colors.
The special event Eau de Parfum is also given by a unique display of vintage bottles from the collection of the MDG’s.