SAMSON BAKARE: Let this be a sign: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

9 Mar - 8 Apr 2023
Opening the 2023 exhibition program will be a solo exhibition by Nigerian painter and sculptor Samson Bakare, who debuts at DCG London with a brand new collection of African male and female portraits painted on canvas and one of a kind sculptures. The exhibition, opening to the public on the 9th of March 2023, brings the theme of Art as a Time machine on stage; just as looking at the works by Bakare, we go through a vertical time: connected by the memory of the past, the construction of the present, peeking into the future, all from the same vantage point. Guided by the empathic googly eyes of the artist, we are accompanied by a reading of his roots. In his works, we become the authors of a new writing of the contemporary Black Culture figuration, not only across the affirmation and legitimation of Black Community, again outrageously victims of injustices, but we also become an active part of the elevation of the same in Art. The protagonists of the colorful canvases of Bakare, represented in regal posture, are the statement of our century who finds its social dignity in returning to the Black Community the position in the future it deserves.