KAZUKI TAKAMATSU: Lingering thoughts of the Cyber Punk world: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

22 Apr - 20 May 2023
'Lingering Thoughts of the Cyber Punk World' opens at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome on 22 April. This brand new exhibition by Kazuki Takamatsu includes 14 new works that explore the journey of memory in digital time.
Composed of memories that are now intangible and residual thoughts of the past that are erased by the internet, the path of humanity's narrative is in danger of losing consistency and meaning, so the artist turns his gaze to those seemingly vanished memories that continue to wander like ghosts lingering on the web and resurfacing in our lives like digital tattoos.
In a combination of digital studio and natural pigments, and through his characteristic use of Depth Mapping, Takamatsu generates a new body of work composed of portraits and neon-lit female bodies, pervaded by a fantastic and mystical atmosphere inspired by the vortexes of the depths of cyberspace. 
The protagonists of Takamatsu's luminescent canvases are again doll-girls, this time set in frames with elaborate motifs whose shapes recall the window of a clock, intended to evoke the sublimity of Time.
Revealing an obsessive study of drapery, in the unsettling rendering of transparencies inspired by soft silk garments, as well as the search for romantic ornamentation, the artist moulds the codes of beauty by giving them 
an even more incisive meaning, aimed at drawing viewers into a careful reading of the intricate symbolism of the depths of Time that he meticulously layers and encrypts in each of his works. 
Each portrait arouses and reveals a precise emotion, born of the artist's desire to stimulate the viewers' imagination and help them recall memories that may have been long forgotten.
The new colour palette, inspired as much by the nostalgic tones of water as by the golden rays of the sun, is intended to convey a message of positivity and energy, suggesting that life and death are intertwined and that everything is in a constant state of flux and change.
The exhibition offers a unique perspective on the relationship between time, technology and identity, suggesting the power of the dynamics of progress and the impact of technological evolution on human culture. With 'Lingering Thoughts of the Cyber Punk World' Takamatsu emphasises how the contemporary world and its projection into the future are complex and layered places, and that our experiences and perceptions are shaped by an infinite range of factors.
We look forward to unveiling this unmissable exhibition, whose message of Takamatsu's research offers a unique interpretation of the future of art and history by pushing the boundaries of imagination to explore life and death in relation to time and identity always under the spectrum of emotion.
The works of 'Lingering Thoughts of the Cyber Punk World' will be unveiled in presale for collectors on 13 April at 4 p.m. and the exhibition will open to the public on Saturday 22 April at 5 p.m. in Via dei Pettinari 76.