SCOTT MUSGROVE: Bewilderness: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

6 - 21 Jul 2023

DCG London is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated London debut of American artist Scott Musgrove. Renowned for his profound exploration of present-day environmental issues intertwined with a distinctive sense of humor, Musgrove's solo exhibition promises to captivate audiences and ignite a deep sense of reflection on urgent global matters that impact humanity focusing in particular on the climate change.


Titled "Bewilderness," this extraordinary exhibition serves as a conduit for awakening our collective spirit, urging us to confront the pressing environmental emergency. Musgrove's artistic vision transcends the confines of time, delving into the realm of eternity while vividly portraying the perils that lurk within it. Through his masterfully crafted and enigmatic creatures, Musgrove endeavors to etch indelible memories within the minds of observers, emphasizing that the extinction of memory represents the true death, an irreversible passage.  Painted with a classically inspired painting technique, the fantastic, dreamlike images of this extraordinary artist become a poignant invitation to safeguard our primordial heritage and pass it on to future generations, ensuring its lasting legacy.


At the heart of "Bewilderness" lies the theme of being awe-struck by the magnificence of the natural world and the vastness of the wilderness. Drawing inspiration from his immersive experiences amidst the mountains, Musgrove reveals his constant astonishment at their immense beauty and grandeur. In his paintings, he portrays primitive humans gazing in wonderment at monumental mountainous landscapes illuminated by ethereal light emanating from otherworldly jellyfish. This juxtaposition serves to heighten the bewilderment of the scenes, evoking a sense of awe and mystery. Moreover, the exhibition's title itself, "Bewilderness," holds a deeper significance as it pays homage to the artist's son, whose name is Wilder.


By intertwining elements of the surreal with a deep reverence for nature, Musgrove's artwork challenges viewers to contemplate a unique notion of eternity, one that connects us all through the transformative power of art. "Bewilderness" is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exhibition that encourages dialogue, introspection, and a renewed appreciation for our shared humanity.


We are honored to bring Scott Musgrove's extraordinary talent to London, this Artist’s unique ability to seamlessly blend environmental consciousness, humor, in a captivating and poetic pictorial figuration, is truly exceptional. 'Bewilderness' will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on our visitors and inspire them to forge a deeper connection with our natural world.


"Bewilderness" will inaugurate at DCG London on July 6th with an opening reception with the Artist in attendance and will be visible in our London venue till  July 31st. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in Scott Musgrove's remarkable universe and embark on a journey that transcends time and space.