Sublime Introspections featuring KARIN IWABUCHI: Dorothy Circus Rome & London | Trio Exhibition

16 Nov - 16 Dec 2023
"Sublime Introspections: Japanese Female Artistry in Sculpture and Painting" opening simultaneously in London and Rome 16 and 18th of November.
Dorothy Circus Gallery in London and Rome proudly presents a triple solo exhibition celebrating the exceptional uniqueness of three extraordinary Japanese artists: Moe Nakamura, Mayuka Yamamoto, and Karin Iwabuchi. Selected for their distinctive style, original techniques, and distinct artistic visions, these talented women delve into the essence of creativity with a grace and delicacy that reflect their deep connection to both the past and the future.
Through the sublime introspections of these three artists, we embark on a journey of profound reflection on childhood and its persistence in the adults we have become. The works of Nakamura, Yamamoto, and Iwabuchi invite us to close our eyes and listen to the whisper of memories, to smell the fragrance of Japanese gardens, and to rewind the tape of memory to the little selves that still live within us.
These artists, women and mothers, approach their art with the same gentleness with which they live their daily lives, entering our imagination softly, moving in our subconscious like children on tiptoe.
Yamamoto's works lead us into a world of soft colors, where children reveal themselves as "animal boys," guardians of the deepest secrets of their souls. Nakamura, with mastery, brings wood to life, transforming it into enchanted creatures, while Iwabuchi contributes with her unique vision, applying her refined painting technique to the portraits of young women.
Mayuka Yamamoto, considered one of Japan's leading contemporary artists of the second generation, paints with oil on canvas, creating images of children with enigmatic traits. Her works reveal an otherworldly calmness, concealing the emotions and psychological states of the characters. Yamamoto invites us to rediscover the fragility of childhood and the unsuspected strength that resides in each of us.
"It seems that my way of preserving this feeling is to continually paint these pictures. I have a certain memory of when I was young: My parents were always working very hard, but Christmas time was our family time together at home. It was a special day. Even now, when I smell the candles on a Christmas cake, my heart returns to my childhood as clear as if it were yesterday. It's the same feeling as when I finished drawing these pictures. When I look at my work, I feel a little sadness and longing, but also happy." - Mayuka Yamamoto
Moe Nakamura transforms camphor wood and other precious Japanese timbers into sculptures that evoke fairy-like figures wrapped in a cloak of plants and clouds. The plump-cheeked faces, with lightly closed or distantly gazing eyes, transport us to a realm suspended between reality and dream.
In addition to her visionary three-dimensional creations, Nakamura accompanies them with delicate watercolors on paper, offering a harmonious fusion of different mediums that reveals the depth of her artistic expression.
Let us step into the poetic world of Karin Iwabuchi. Through her series of portraits of young girls, Iwabuchi skillfully employs translucent shades in a grayscale, expertly intertwining infinite painterly details with delicate cherry blossoms. The result is a captivating tapestry that invites viewers to savor the beauty, fragility, and timeless charm of Japan's rich cultural heritage. Iwabuchi's art is a gateway to an ethereal realm where the essence of Japan's poetry and scents permeates the senses.
Together, these three extraordinary artists provide a captivating overview of Japanese female artistry, inviting us to rediscover the beauty and complexity of our childhood, to look inside ourselves with fresh eyes, offering a glimpse into the diverse range of techniques and imagery that define contemporary Japanese artistic expression. Through their works, we are transported to a world where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously, and where beauty is encapsulated in every stroke, shape, and shade.