JESÚS AGUADO & PECA: Dorothy Circus Gallery | Double Solo Exhibition

16 Mar - 13 Apr 2024
DCG Rome is excited to unveil a captivating convergence of surrealism in a duo exhibition featuring two exceptional painters: the visionary Argentinian artist, Peca, and the enigmatic Spanish surrealist, Jesus Aguado.
Venturing the Latin approach to pop surrealism, through this captivating fusion of cultural richness and artistic innovation, we unveil Peca’s dreamlike compositions and intricate details, able to transport us to otherworldly realms where reality and imagination intertwine.
Both Artists’ new works invite us to question the boundaries of perception, evoking a sense of wonder that lingers long after the gaze is averted. Jesus Aguado new series serves as a portal to a universe of subconscious exploration, beckoning us to decipher the enigmatic narratives concealed within the layers of his paintings, mesmerizing us with his haunting and magical landscapes.