LIZ FLORES & MISS VAN: Dorothy Circus Rome | Duo Solo Exhibition

18 May - 11 Jun 2024
DCG Rome is proud to present the dual exhibition, uniting the vibrant and distinct artistic styles of Liz Flores and Miss Van. This exclusive showcase harmonizes two formidable voices in the depiction of womanhood through contrasting artistic expressions. Liz Flores, a painter of mexican and cuban descent known for her cubist and symbolic style, is celebrated for her deconstructed and reassembled interpretations of the female form, creating bold and abstract compositions. Her art captures the complexity and multifaceted nature of female identity, casting a contemporary light on traditional cubist principles and offering a nuanced narrative on womanhood. Conversely, Miss Van, a prime mover in the European street art scene weaves together delicate lines and sensual figures, imbued with a raw, untamed emotional depth. Miss Van's Art offers a poignant and visceral exploration of femininity, making her a vanguard in the portrayal of women in street art. Together, these two artists engage in a unique dialogue, juxtaposing their distinct interpretations of femininity enriching and thought-provoking experience to explore the diverse and dynamic nature of female representation in art.