LIZ FLORES & MISS VAN: Dorothy Circus Rome | Duo Solo Exhibition

18 May - 11 Jun 2024
Welcome back to DCG Rome, this time on the verge of the summer break for the penultimate show of the season. We are proud to present the dual solo exhibitions “Así Es La Vida" by Liz Flores and “Creaturas" by Miss Van set to open with a collector’s view  Saturday May 18th from 5.30 pm to 8 pm with both Artists in attendance.
The profound juxtaposition of these two artists, with their distinct and powerful figurations, aims to delve into the truths and strength of the feminine language tied to the free expression of feelings. We immerse ourselves in a femininity that narrates its complex identity, courageously traversing not only the emotional landscapes that belong to it but also the present moment, exploring discomfort deeply rooted in their personal experiences as well as in the cultural narratives of the feminine gender.
Colored with the hues of the body and earth, Liz Flores’ warm canvases are permeated by a cubist symbolic style, which, in deconstructing and reassembling the female form, rewrites essential beauty into a harmonious puzzle. Through intimate scenes that seem stolen from ritual frugality, Flores brings us into her world, as rich in magic as the Mexican and Cuban cultural heritage that flows in her blood, bringing to the surface the essence of an evolving narrative that catapults between different epochs and cultures. Each work in her abstract composition stands out vibrantly and invites us to reflect on the perpetual changes and enduring forces in women's lives, telling stories that celebrate the resilience and matriarchal spirit of Latinidad. The abstract, seemingly indistinct faces guide the viewers’ sensitivity toward the reflection of their own identities, encouraging a dialogue on the interaction between historical and contemporary themes of community, femininity, and belonging.
Miss Van, with a body of work marked by a distinctive and unconventional soul, presents a series that captures her current emotional state. This new series is as the artist said “[her] diary in color”, a collection of intimate, raw yet delicate, portraits. 
Known worldwide for her unique ability to integrate social messaging and the dynamic spirit of street art with the refined echoes of classical fine art, Miss Van in the “Creaturas” exhibition explores darker themes through her female muses who are charged with a new vibration yet remaining strongly iconic. 
These figures, wrapped in a mysterious and unsettling aura, navigate the complex emotions and unconscious narratives of the Artist. The slit-eyed gaze of her muses, set in solitary environments enhanced by tribal palettes and shadowy floral backgrounds, creates a poignant visual commentary on the beauty intertwined with a natural yet surreal combination of ambiguity and strong feelings in the detachment between self and others, now a typical sentiment in today's world. 
The dark and ominous atmosphere of her new work carries echoes of Mary Shelley’s gothic narratives, and more recent Alasdair Gray’s “Poor Things” movie adaptation, but Miss Van’s interpretation of the depths of human capability and of the unknown, delicately weaving a courageous narrative about modern exploration of the self.
In this face-to-face dialogue with works that look at each other from opposite sides, is notable how these two series in comparison complement each other through their different artistic approaches. These two women create a dynamic play between light and darkness, celebration and introspection, inviting a fuller appreciation of how each artist represents femininity. Their works act as a catalyst for a personal journey on cultural heritage, personal identity, social fears, and the universal experiences of change and alienation.