KANA TSUMURA: Life In Still Life: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Exhibition

26 Sep - 17 Oct 2024
DCG London is thrilled to showcase the captivating work of Kana Tsumura, a prodigious young talent from the Japanese painting scene. Her exhibition, “Life In Still Life” features incredibly realistic yet surreal still life compositions that beautifully capture the essence of intimate moments and domestic female narratives. Each painting is a delicate balance of harmony and grace, juxtaposed with mystery and untold secrets.Tsumura's distinctive palette masterfully blends sweet emotions with nocturnal atmospheres, creating a sensory experience where together with evocative scents and flavors even silence and whispers are almost tangible. The softness of petals and the shimmer of blush stand out, symbolizing beauty in its most poignant forms. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the depths of emotion and the complexities of modern femininity through Tsumura’s mesmerizing lens.