NATEEPOL: LOVE IN 3020 - A Thousand Ways to Love Yourself: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Exhibition

24 Oct - 21 Nov 2024
DCG London is excited to showcase an emerging talent from Thailand, Nateepol, whose new exhibition titled "LOVE IN 3020: A Thousand Ways to Love Yourself" marks a significant milestone in his artistic journey. This exhibition is the second chapter following his critically acclaimed and sold-out exhibition held in Bangkok in 2022.
NateePool is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his colorful and romantic acrylic paintings and his hand wood cut prints. His work is a harmonious and visually striking but also imbued with deep romanticism and emotional depth. In "LOVE IN 3020: A Thousand Ways to Love Yourself," NatePool explores themes of self-love, identity, and the future of human connections. His use of color and form evokes a sense of warmth and intimacy, drawing the audience into a personal exploration of love and self-acceptance.