PECA: God & Mezcal: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

10 Apr - 29 May 2021

Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome is proud to present the double solo show Gods & Mezcal by Peca and Yuri by  Koh Kisung, inaugurating on the 10th of April 2021, in Via Dei Pettinari 76, 00186, Rome.


In such challenging times, the gallery is proud to host two artists whose research is deeply bound to the themes of spirituality, human connection with nature and the Universe. This is represented through a profound symphony with the planet's equilibrium and the emotional side of humanity.


Now more than ever, it is essential for us to develop and heal the most spiritual part of our souls, with a particular focus on the relationship between humanity and the nature surrounding us. We are thrilled to share this message of peace and serenity through the two new series of artworks of Peca and Koh Kisung. 


Dorothy Circus Gallery's research through God & Mezcal and Yuri's exhibitions emphasises the balance between man, nature, and the Universe, in an intimate and symbolic circle triggered by the artists' paintings.


Peca conveys through her images the constant attention towards the unconscious, resembling all surrealist artists, through which she develops a pattern of dancing figures in the Universe. Koh Kisung proves to be interested once again in meticulous research of tribute to the pencil, the same one used by Peca in her constellations portrayal. This method, used in Kisung's oil painting, represents the souls of the animals portrayed in the rough canvas. 


Particular attention to the light, a deeply intimate and emotional component, a skilful mastery of the painting technique are only a few of the factors that unite these two artists. Peca and Koh Kisung both demonstrate a deep influence from their origin represented across their landscapes, guiding us on a trip that leaves the moving of budding roots in a mystical forest all the way to the shining stars of the firmament. 


The idea of birth and happy beginnings, previously celebrated by Dorothy Circus Gallery for Rafael Silveira Metaforamorfoses, will once again be commemorated for this exhibition. This exhibition gives us hope for better days, portrayed across the affection and support towards the neo-father Koh Kisung, whose exhibition takes the name after his firstborn Yuri ('light of God' in Hebrew), born during the first lockdown.


The show mediates the meticulousness and reflexivity of Kisung's Korean Minhwa and the spice of Argentinian Peca who, thanks to a strong influence of artists such as Frida Kahlo, brings us to a world of civil wars and attention not only to the Universe but also to those who live through it.  


Peca exposes herself in all her subjectivist nature between the oniric and the fantastic, as critic Nathan Spoor mentions. The artist reveals  "the creative work, the introspection, the meditation and my existentialist soul" that lead the visitors into her world of fantastic and charming personalities. In the hope that Gods & Mezcal, and Yuri can represent the food for the soul that we now need more than ever. Encouraging the idea of art as a connection between individuals in a period where we are unable to connect.