KAZUKI TAKAMATSU: For Tomorrow: Dorothy Circus Rome & London | Solo Show

1 Jun - 10 Jul 2018

Following the success of our temporary premises in Notting Hill, Dorothy Circus Gallery officially announces its permanence in London with the opening of its first double solo exhibition, displayed both in Rome and London in June 2018: For Tomorrow by Kazuki Takamatsu.


Confirming himself again as one of the leading artists of the new visionary figurative art world- wide, Kazuki Takamatsu presents his third solo show at Dorothy Circus Gallery with a collection of 16 brand new artworks to be displayed both in our historical premises in Rome and in our gallery based in Notting Hill, London. 12 paintings will be shown in Rome and 4 in London (together with a masterpiece from a previous series), creating a virtual and emotional bond between the two gal- leries that introduces the audience to a new journey through Italy and the UK.


Following the group show Pages from Mind Travellers Diaries at DCG London, which presented him as one of the main gallery artists who participated in the writing of DCG’s history, the Japanese Takamatsu introduces us to a voyage through present and future, giving a glimpse of how it is pos- sible to think of tomorrow in an innovative and aesthetic way.


Developing even further his iconic style, Kazuki Takamatsu paints young girls that silently speak to the beholder through a mysterious but evocative language. Their faces remain pure and simple, while their hairstyles and clothes become more complex and detailed, demonstrating the artist’s at- tention to peculiarities that has always been typical of Asian art. The dark and empty backgrounds contribute to make the figures stand out and take predominance, while flows of emotion resound in the timeless scenes.


In addition to these, a red-coloured work created exceptionally for Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome sticks out among the other paintings. Echoing the red velvet walls of the gallery, this painting push- es forward towards new experimentations and practices developed by Takamatsu in his touching artistic oeuvre.

Memories from the past and hopes for the future dwell in all the pictures and softly move from one character to another. The girls either face the passing of time or turn around to search for the un- known possibilities of tomorrow. These memories may be happy or sad, deep or careless, reflecting not only each character’s expectations, but also a common experience felt by a country’s population - Japan, in particular.


Takamatsu connects through the bridge of art the Western and Eastern traditions, as well as the world of digital art with important and difficult themes that are extremely contemporary. This dou- ble solo show represents thus an incredible occasion for the Italian and English public to admire the aesthetic and thematic developments of a beautifully complex artist, renowned and beloved on an international basis.