YOSUKE UENO: Sacred Childishness: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

12 Mar - 12 Apr 2022

Celebrating once again the friendship and the cultural exchange with Japan, which Dorothy Circus Gallery retraces every year across the numerous selection of artists, we are proud to present solo exhibition by Yosuke Ueno. 


Home to DCG already from 2008, Ueno comes back after several international sold out and participation in auctions with stellar results in painting art of Happiness, bringing the face of joy to our red walls of Rome.


In similarity of ideologies and spirit nurtured by profound esteem and admiration for Japanese culture, we want to travel again along Silk Road. A Road that since the Roman Empire has been a source of inspiration and mutual cultural enrichment, and today, it is confirmed as the key path of the artistic research of a global market in great ferment and expansion.


Art explodes with vitality and conquers the new generations of collectors thanks to the structured analysis of contemporary sentiment. In Japan, it originated from the introspective stories of Tetsuya Ishida, of Yoshitomo Nara, who finds the answer to the existential malaise in a whirlwind of joy and sympathy that became a movement with Murakami, and which has continued to shape itself on the ever-greater desire for a return to a beautiful painting of the last decade.


Here is where Ueno's poetry is born, and the avatar of big eyes soaked of multicoloured sparks, Kami, angels, magical spirits, Little Princes drenched in the rainbow from their shoes til the top of their head. 


Composed by 15 brand new artworks, which include large oil paintings on canvas, pictorial diptychs and ink paintings on cardboard, Yosuke Ueno brings us a spectacular exhibition whose magic has the goal to infect with sweetness and vitality and nourish our perceptions and memories of light which will shine for long. 


LOVE is the motto that appears on Ueno's works that, between splashes of paint and patterns inspired by natural textures, decline Love through a mix of references ranging from tradition to Anime, from surrealism to contemporary urban style, always imbued with spirituality and animism.