LEVALET: Let's Get Lost: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

26 Mar - 26 Apr 2022

Let's get lost

The excellence and coherency of LeValet's street art

Charles Leval, aka Levalet, is a French street artist, son of the old school of Black le Rat and Jeff Aerosol, who, by pasting his life-size inks, developed his street painting towards a genuine and intimate approach. 

Masked by an ordinary guy with the typical French sailor top, he pops out like "any" and page after page, wall after wall, always site-specific, reveals the artist's most sincere adventures. 


Young man and young father, Levalet is the boy with the striped shirt, whom you can also call Ulysses, or Nobody leaving him without a name, or call him with your or your son's name because that boy who shyly hides his face under the hat is what it is. Equally, what it wants to become, is what it fears to be and at the same time what it seeks and what it finds, in itself and others.