MARION PECK: My Furry Lady: Dorothy Circus London | Focus Show

14 Apr - 4 May 2018

“My Furry Lady”“My Furry Lady” features a series of 60s ladies pencil drawings and stoic animal portraits inspired by early 19th century artworks.


The humorous oil series focuses on the deep relationship between pets and their owner, in this case, the pet reflects their inner human alluding to the say that often pets look like their two-legged partners, studies by psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima extensively researched this intriguing matter and this body of work might as well be a tribute to this millennial fascination with our own furry friends.


On another note, the drawing selection deals with a very different and playful kind of fur: hairdos.  Following the steps of the series  “The Dearly Departed” which was a study on the post-Morten 19th and early 20th centuries photographs, in this body of work, all the ladies portrayed by the artist belong to a different era, the 60s,  and appear to have jumped out from a John Walters’s feature.


Each character has a very distinguished style staring at their own spectator with an impertinent and playful gaze. Both series are a statement to Marion Peck’s obsession with portraiture which often has many faces like a Picasso painting, yet always perfectly executed.