BLIC: Joy of Spring: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

6 Oct - 5 Nov 2022

After his debut in Italy in 2020 at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Blic returns with a brand new series, this time in London. Dorothy Circus will present a solo exhibition on young street artist Blic whose extremely original, expressive and compelling visual code is now home to DCG. In his works, the main subject, both on canvas and on walls, is a personified human hand running through the streets. These distinctive characters recall the artist's personal stories and celebrate the powerful iconography of the hand as a tool of universal communication. Indeed, the central theme of his art are hands, the communication tool par excellence, in the era of the digital, that reflects his desire and determination of the artist to emerge and spread his voice across the globe, which reaches to us like a tennis ball thrown by a little boy from across the ocean.
In the artist’s poetics, the hands represent uniqueness and their ability becomes a symbol that tells different stories from everyday life, and with each artwork, he opens a new window on people’s daily life in the Philippines.

With this brand new series, Blic will present a new body of work ready to take us on a journey in south-east Asia to rediscover the poetry of distant everyday life whose language and symbolism becomes the means that connect cultures, individuals and communities.