SUMMER CALLING: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

27 Jun - 20 Jul 2014
It’s been a very successful year for DCG, during which we proudly staged some beautiful shows, always promoting preminent social issues and investigating several cultural perspectives. Dorothy Circus Gallery is now happy to present its “Summer Calling” group show, featuring brand new artworks by the North-American artists Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters, along with the Israeli artist Kukula and the Italian artist Natascia Raffio.
Looking for a renovated serene state of being, seeking to be touched by the summer breeze…
Sun, sea, parasols, beaches…. together with the right dose of light heartedness typical of the Summer season inspire these 4 artists in the making of colorful brand new paintings and sculptures.
Kukula’s femme fatales, easily sexy with their gloomy gaze, their tattooed bodies, all dressed up in silky baby-doll, are modeling in languid poses, surrounded by symbolic items emerging from a lunar landscape. Kukula’s artworks are faithful to the Pop Aesthetics, as well as to the art of classical portraying, but with a personal middle east twist. 
Kukula, presently living in California, exhibits in the most renowned galleries worldwide, as well as in Italy with D.C.G, since 2009.
The Californian art couple Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters’s fiberglass and oils on canvas, with their unique style, outline endearing rascals as young adults in a idealized world, with masks and lollipops that show the weird contrast between their naiveness and the air of mystery of their playground.
Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters, represented by in the main North-American galleries, have been also featured in many influential institutional exhibitions, such as “Monsters and Misfits”, the Japanese “Folk Art Museum” and Dorothy Circus Gallery’s “Pop Surrealism,” which was held at Museo di Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto.
Natascia Raffio’s Indian ink drawings bring us back to the graceful and sensual “grafitismo”of Liberty style, inspired by the artist’s heritage of Aubrey Beardsley’s lesson.
A long awaited debut for our young italian artist, already well known by international collectors for her sugary sculptures.
The “Summer Calling” group show, with 20 original brand new works created specifically for Dorothy Circus Gallery, will make you turn away from everyday’s phone rings, and will befriend you in this amazing and exciting upcoming summer adventure.