CHENG CHENG YI: Lonely Journey: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

19 Nov - 17 Dec 2022

At DCG Rome Adolescence returns to tell its story in the 12 works of Lonely Journey that will be showcased in the solo show of the young Chinese artist Cheng Cheng Yi.

This time, however, the constant dualism of this painter's colourful canvases is combined in a succession of diptychs inspired by European culture, focusing on a reinterpretation of the classics of art and literature that influenced the artist's art and youth.

Cheng Cheng Yi's new series is the outcome of a creative globalisation that makes us closer despite distance and on which friendship is based, embodied by the cultural and poetic journey undertaken by Yi. 

In a journey through the senses, we can taste and smell the flavours  painted by Yi, a drowsiness of memories that interface, between Vermeer's Milk maid and the breakfast table in the artist's childhood memories of autumn, chocolate coffee, ice cream, to describe the taste of an imagined and immersed Pinocchio as well as a dreamy Dolce Vita and the adventures of Calvino's headless knight from which new stimulating adventures spring. 

The flawless hyper-defined technique that characterises Yi's acrylic painting on canvas conveys to the viewer the consistency of the artistic message combined with the poetry of storytelling and imagination, transferring to the fairytale a new life that opens up on our walls to be savoured and re-read every day.