KATHIE OLIVAS: Miss Fortune: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

19 Nov - 17 Dec 2022
A mysterious tale is the one painted by American prime mover of purest pop surrealism, Kathie Olivas, with her new series of unpublished eight canvases named Miss Fortune
Olivas plays hide and seek with the symbology of fortune, conveying signs and secret messages through the folds of bows, ribbons, and laces that distinguish the typical character of the artist, marked by the vintage vibe that has made her work prominent and unique.
The iconic protagonists of Kathie Olivas' work, who already in 2007 were recognised as vinyl figures under the brand Kidrobot, came back more mischievous and delightful than ever to bring a message of positivity and good fortune in a pop-surrealism pattern.
From one side, the artist's strong identity with a deep, accurate, and experienced painting follows and evolves according to the School of Nara that arrived in the USA at the beginning of the 21st century. On the other hand, it confirms a record of authenticity compared to the new trends, often too emulative and willing to play with the infinite repetitions of borrowed codes in a fast production driven by the need of the market to use large formats in maximum quantities as briefly as possible.
The scene shows the singularity of a genuine artistic pathway and the resilience of a career established not only through oil paintings on canvas but with irresistible sculptures created in fibreglass and painted with the most bizarre oil palettes that go from small to more prominent formats.