SCOTT MUSGROVE: Fame: I'm going to live forever : Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

24 Jun - 20 Jul 2012
15 minutes. In 1968, according to Andy Warhol, in the future each one of us would have had, sooner or later, his/her 15 minutes of international fame. The show that Dorothy Circus Gallery is happy to bring to you is actually called “Fame, I’m Going To Live Forever”, but it won’t deal with success or the run for success, as the title could let you think.
It is the solo show of the well-known American artist Scott Musgrove, born in Ohio in 1966, who has already joined many important galleries, like the great Jonathan LeVine Gallery, where he had a show in 2010. The artist, known for paying attention to our present environmental issues, without losing his particular sense of humor, once again is trying to awake our most deep spirit, giving us the right tools to handle serious and global problems that reach all levels of the humanity. The doors of Scott Musgrove’s universe this time come in the shapes of 8 oil paintings and 2 graphites and open on the idea of eternity that defeat the storms and the dangers of the passing time, where his strange and awkward creatures try to stay in the memory of the observer, sometimes holding fast to mountains with their huge tentacles (like in “The Hiker”), sometimes transforming itself in an eternal marriage (like in “Mutations”).
Musgrove’s recurring characters are creatures floating in a dimension that brings togheter the time, the spirits of the past and a thick perceptible alien presence.
One could talk about the extinction of the memory as the true death, as the ultimate passage wherefrom there’s no return. Where there’s no memory left, there’s the end.
So Musgrove confronts himself with the most fantastic and dreamy images, in order to keep our memory on what is our primeval heritage and maybe, in some way, helping us to pass it over to our 
future generations. Like he says himself: “People seem to think that fame will insulate them against death or at least against being forgotten after they die”. With this show, the artist diverts this same thought towards the animal world and underlines the importance of this reality: making certain species “famous”, will actually help them to live forever. “Fame, I’m Going To Live Forever”, not only for 15 minutes, but from June 14 until July 20, 2012.For your eyes only, at Dorothy Circus Gallery.
Foreword by Karen N. Wikstrand