BECAUSE: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

18 Marzo - 15 Aprile 2023
With the exhibition "Because", in Italian "Perché Si", DCG presents a brand new group of Artists that, with their innovative language and personal research of an independent figuration, fill the absence of a specific iconography: the hypermodern rebellion and its free representation in contemporary art. On stage for the first time at DCG Rome, the artists:
Damien Cifelli, Jamima Sara, Maria Ves, Qhua Ma Nande, Leonardo Nola, Massimo  Scognamiglio, Indra Dan, Giulio Secondo…
The Core Mission of this exhibition is the firm answer to social oppression, bigotry and hypocrisy and to consumers ’slavery, which takes the side for social equality, the freedom of love between two individuals, and the free affirmation of the self.