CLÉMENTINE BAL & YUGYEONG CHEON: Dorothy Circus Rome | Duo Solo Exhibition

20 Febbraio - 9 Marzo 2024
Embark on a captivating journey at DCG Rome, where we proudly present a dynamic trio show featuring the mesmerizing sculptural works of French artist Clémentine Bal, and the rising star from Korea, YuGyeong Cheon. This exhibition promises to inspire the viewers on an unforgettable introspective journey. Each artist brings their very own distinctive and evocative style to the forefront, delving into the profound connections that bind our inner world with the embrace of nature. Bal's characters resonate with us through their at times disarming naivety, offering a soothing counterbalance to the clamor and chaos of the world. Similarly, Yu Gyeong Cheon, through their sweet and poignant color palettes, invite us to explore the delicate interplay between emotion and environment.