ERKUT TERLIKSIZ & BLIC: Dorothy Circus Gallery | Double Solo Exhibition

22 Giugno - 20 Luglio 2024
DCG Rome proudly presents a new exciting dual exhibition for June 2024, showcasing the distinctive works of Turkish painter Erkut and Filipino street artist BLIC. Erkut, inspired by Cubism, debuts in Rome, featuring a captivating series of brand-new works titled “Isola” that represent his most innovative approach. His fantastical scenarios are marked by surreal characters, defined by thick brushstrokes and clustered at the center of each composition. Carrying a profound emotional weight, expressed through the contrast between the sea, the clouds and city landscapes, this interplay invites viewers to feel the surreal force bridging nature, the earth, and human existence, enhancing the surreal impact of each piece. On the opposite wall of our red hall, filipino street artist BLIC returns to DCG with his second solo show titled "Spirit of Time." Dueling into the impact of modernization on daily life through his unique lens, Blic’s work challenges viewers with scenarios populated by his signature motif—human-like hands, each depicting different aspects of our era: from the convenience of modern food and communication to the trials of the pandemic and the evolving dynamics of gender roles. His art questions whether the advancements of our time represent progress or a decline in our societal fabric, urging a deep reflection on the true costs of modernization. Through this compelling juxtaposition the audiences will be able to explore and reflect on the interplay between tradition and modernity within our rapidly changing world.