Wall Street International, 17 Feb 2017

Let yourself be enchanted by the prime mover of Japanese Pop Surrealism. Tokyo based artist Yosuke Ueno, dreams up an extremely elaborated personal world which is representative of the ip-er-contemporary multicultural art scene he belongs to.


Ueno taps from underground culture, manga and graffiti art and as well from the pop imagery and iconography in order to spot on elements that are both Japanese, European, and American.In Ueno's brand new collection created for his solo show, the viewer will discover hundreds of hid-den symbols from different cultures, which have been melted together to fuse in rainbow land-scapes popping out apparently as memories from a fantastic dream world. Having a closer look we will discover that Ueno’s paintings depict a sort of Micro Cosmos born from the cultural mix up of a contemporary language and his historical background. In this kaleidoscopic paintings' series the Artist refersto the world of“ Yaoyorozu no Kami” , (eight million Gods) inviting us to experience and to dive deeply into the new philosophy created by the Contemporary culture.


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