The always fascinating and wonderful Dorothy Circus Gallery located in Rome, Italy, has announced a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu that will see the artist present a new body of work under the title Even A Doll Can Do It, a follow up show to his successful debut with the Dorothy Circus Gallery, Because I’m A Doll, which was presented back in 2013. The new body of works to be found in the exhibition Even A Doll Can Do It will see Kazuki Takamatsu present fifteen new paintings created in what he terms his depth mapping technique, revealing his ghostly x-ray like images of young girls. The Dorothy Circus Gallery was recently home to exhibitions by Roa (see the Suovetaurilia and Roa’s Bear article) and Eduardo Kobra (see Kobra in Rome) and Even A Doll Can Do It by Kazuki Takamatsu continues their tradition of offering exciting exhibitions.