Are you ready to indulge in the Six Senses Experience?
April 23, 2022
Images representing the Six Senses Concept Store at Dorothy Circus Gallery. One image is of Alessandra Montesi holding one of her artworks which is a hear shaped lover eye. Next to it there is an image of Secret Jolly a perfume by Oriza L.Legrand. On the

After teasing your perception with images, sounds, perfumes, forms and flavors, we are pleased to finally dedicate an exclusive event to our Six Senses Concept Store hosting the first in-person event at our premises in Rome. 

The Six Senses melts the boundaries between art and other reigns, which resonates our emotions by selecting the most refined accessories and Art Collectible signed by DCG Artists, under the banner of accessible luxury and Art Life Style. 


From the “Tea Time Settings” by ceramist Valentina Fadeeva to the porcelain sculptures by Juli About (designed for the most exclusive table designs); and to the sought after selections of “limited edition prints” until the accurate proposed “cruelty-free” fragrances by celebrated Master Perfumers, such as Oriza Legrand, Lorenzo Dante Ferro and Maria Candida Gentile, already presented in the past, this event will be the occasion to discover new collaborations. 



The protagonists of spring of the six senses: for the sense of touch, we will present the one of a kind art to wear with the Kimonos handwoven & hand-embroidered by IKKIM'O. A group of Indonesian artists who traditionally create handwoven masterpieces of textile art whose patterns and materials reflect the origin and the culture of the artist who wove them. 

These are no doubt renaissance times in thread-based art, and every day more textiles go to another level and affirm the vocabulary of modern art… discover how it feels to wear a unique wearable piece of art



We will present "Lover's eye" by painter Alessandra Montesi for the Joy of your eyes. Artworks refer to a tradition of the pledge of Love in the form of painted jewelry, contaminated by contemporary and antique pictorial suggestions, inspired by the new surrealism born in the USA. Infinite details to discover that hide in the romantic forms created by the Artist who fonds the traditional lover's eye with a veiled pop iconography flanking the use of ancient fabrics melting painting with the artisan, giving life to an original and new union. 



Last but not least, what would you think if we told you that we discovered the seventh sense

Well, yes, the truth is that we didn't discover it, but rather who introduced it to us was Tommy and Federico, two very special artists, because they recall a story of a friendship based on the seventh sense, the one of nonsense. Federico and Tommy are two Autistic boys who drew for Dorothy Circus Factory the lightest backpack in the world realised in collaboration with Essential and thought both for you in case of wanting to take a memory of your voyage across the senses. But, most importantly, it was thought to give visibility and support to the Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli, the home and studio of Tommy and Federico, whose artistic suggestions of a pink elephant balanced on a ball reflect the equilibrist stunt that they have to face every day in a world that knows little to nothing on them and in which the only way to enter is to explore the nonsense. 



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