June 23, 2023
Born in Pescara Italy in 1979 Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo, is an Italian street artist whose mural works appear all over the world’s cityscapes. Millo’s large-scale murals depict friendly giant inhabitants in the act of exploring their urban setting. The Artist suspended universes are characterized by black and white landscapes saturated with details and hidden life. Illusionism and introspection are some of Millo’s art's main components. The spectator feels completely absorbed by the extension of fictional cities and gets lost in their streets leading to a nowhere based metaverse like reality representative of ancestral memories.
The unknown chaos generated by the Artist’s visionary mind leads us toward a central point in the canvas where a familiar scene appears reassuring and comforting. Painted with an elaborate illustrative technique on large size canvases, Millo’s artworks are like open doors to the human mind. Reflecting our most intimate sensations such as Love, Hope, Strength, Loneliness, and Fear hence the protagonists of Millo’s narratives are often a couple sharing a moment of tenderness calling our attention to stop the frenetic stream of time and carry us back to the simplicity of human feelings. In a meticulously calculated balance between maximalism and minimalism, Millo generates a visionary code which stands as completely unique both in the street art movement and the neo-surrealist scene.

The new extraordinary collection entitled “Do Not Open Before 2023", composed of 11 canvases and two previously unseen paintings on wood root  carries with it a precious content: that of memory jealously guarded by the artist with the intention of being revealed only on the date he has set. 

Millo dedicates to his Italian public the magical moment of opening with him a mysterious box kept secret until now.

The work 'Time Capsule'begins a journey of perceptions through the complex web of human existence. 


Time Capsule, 2023

In sharing his past, the artist has selected what has imprinted itself in his heart forever, and with the series “Do Not Open Before 2023" Millo draws inspiration from 13 memories, some are very personal snapshots and others are flash memories, which can therefore be traced back to a striking event that marked our history. In this analysis, which takes its cue from research into the psychology of memory, MILLO elaborates, along with a selection of moments dear to him, some of the events that have marked humanity and shaped the course of time, showing them to us through the artist's subjective view and letting them roll around on our table, like marbles out of a bag. 

Crystallised at the very moment they happened, many of these memories represent fundamental turning points in our collective history. The artistic expression of these significant events offers a unique perspective, showing the artist's ability to capture the spirit of an era. 

  Leave them kids alone, 2023
"After a long Thursday afternoon spent doing the homework, the pizza has just been delivered, and I'm with my cousin jumping on the bed. The volume of the television suddenly takes over; my parents are in the living room, the television keeps saying. "It's down." The Berlin Wall is down."  

I will never surrender, 2023

"You looked to me like the Virgin Mary crying over the blood of her son. The moment you came to me, grabbing my hands and dragging me in front of your favourite tree, It was gone, on the ground, making a cross with the points of our feet. They needed the space to build more, and you said you would have never surrendered to it. " 




 The Fall, 2023

"I spent that summer travelling for projects with the university, and that was the last one before the big exam. I have to take care of the video. It's 3 p.m., I'm moving in the room, deciding what to do, changing the radio stations, and by mistake I step on a cable. The television is turned off. It's the eleventh day of September 2001, and suddenly it's autumn."



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