An Interview With Peca
July 4, 2024

DCG: Your series "Astral Flow" blended cosmic and natural elements with an ethereal touch. Can you share more about your inspiration and how these particular themes are so meaningful to you and representative of your personal artistic narrative?
PECA: My work is inspired by my personal interest in finding the meaning of life and highlighting the spiritual, it is an existentialist search for fundamental questions. For me, painting is a philosophical exercise of self-knowledge and universal knowledge, it is meditation and materialization of meditation. 

DCG: Migratory birds are a recurring motif in your work, symbolizing passage and transformation. How does this metaphor relate to your own life experiences and artistic journey? Can you share some of your most inspiring experiences?


PECA: Astral Flow is a series of 6 very intimate paintings that represent, through migratory birds, different emotions and moods that I suffered during the creative process. I am interested in everything related to spirituality and contact with universal wisdom. The way we perceive the world is something that also interests me, art as a stimulus can be perceived in infinite ways, migrating in minds and transforming. That is why the idea of migratory birds connects with the idea of energy migration, from the universe to the mind, from the mind to the canvas, from the canvas to the eyes and minds of the viewers, and each viewer will have a unique and personal experience when observing a work. It is a process of migration and transformation of energy in constant change. Regarding my personal history, I also consider myself a migratory bird not only because I left my place of origin but because my life is a constant search and struggle to find the right path, my way.



DCG: Your use of color is both vibrant and harmonious, creating a sense of otherworldly serenity. How do you approach the color palette in your work, and what role does it play in conveying the mood of your pieces?


PECA: In this series I have used a warm and soft palette in some paintings and contrasted in others, for example in the painting Astral flow, I have used a black background, not to represent the night but to represent emptiness, the absence of space and I have placed the protagonist upside down entering the light. I have also put some details with Gold leaf on an abstract plane. As in Astral flow, in Radiation Love the idea is to show the ethereal nature of light in a vacuum and at the same time the power that a speck of light has. It is a metaphor that a simple grain of light is more powerful than a universe of darkness, and a drop of love is much stronger than an ocean of hate. In the caravan I have used a more varied and balanced palette, it is an optimistic painting, despite the desert environment, it is full of life and color and carries the message of water is the new gold, as a warning to focus on what really is important . I have also used Gold leaves to highlight this. Sweet Flow Cherry and Strawberry form a triptych with Caravan and have the same color palette In Tao, I have used a very soft palette, it is a Zen space with the Taoist concept of absence of movement, when you stop the mind magic appears I have also used Gold leaf in some details.



DCG: The intersection of day and night, consciousness and dream, features prominently in your paintings. How do you hope to impact the viewer's perception of reality through these juxtapositions?


PECA: Art is my alternative reality, it is my oneiric space to interpret the world. Many times I find messages in my paintings that make sense some time after I have painted them. Some artists envision information and they put it in their work, often without knowing it. I always think that an artist, more than being a creative being, is someone who connects to creativity and uses it in a unique way, and that way of telling is his/her signature, what differentiates his/her from other artists. 

The juxtaposition of elements is a way of interpreting reality in a non-linear way and what connects me to the surreal concept.

I have not yet deciphered if there are hidden messages in Astral Flow, at least consciously, I can only intuit sensations or recognize moods in each painting.

DCG: The surreal often speaks to the subconscious. What do you hope your viewers will discover about themselves or the universe through the exploration of your art?


PECA: Sometimes I think about the conscious interpretation that each person makes of a work of art, and if this interpretation coincides with the message that their unconscious receives. I think that each person judge a work of art according to their own experiences and according to what type of person he/ she is at that particular moment. Someone can see a work today and it can produce feelings contrary to those he had in the past watching the same piece, because we are beings in perpetual change, we are energy in motion and our search, our desires change, surely many people will find in my paintings unimaginable answers for me, or it will be indifferent to it. It's a matter of sympathetic vibration.


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