SCOPE MIAMI: 2014: International Art Fair in Miami | Group Show

2 - 7 Dec 2014
The exhibition will feature three unique edition artworks by Ray Caesar: “The Sporting Life”, “Compass” and “Sunday”. All of them are one of a kind single varnished. Two of these are brand new pieces, created specifically for this exhibit. Please note that “Sunday,” from 2011, and “Compass,” from 2014, are both digital and painted with acrylic colours.
The other artworks on show are:
one brand new piece by Joe Sorren, “Coney Island Supper Club”, one brand new acrylic on paper by Nicoletta Ceccoli “Girl Gone Wild”, a new oil on birch by Tara McPherson “Quantum Dancer”, one original depth mapping artwork by Kazuki Takamatsu, from 2009, and one brand new fantastic creation by Veronica Montanino.