KAZUKI TAKAMATSU: Lingering thoughts of the Cyber Punk world: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

22 Apr - 20 May 2023

"Lingering Thoughts of the Cyber Punk World" will open at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome on April 22. This is the new exhibition of Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu, which will include 14 new works inspired by the power of nature and the association of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, which correspond to the five stages of life: birth, growth, development, decline, death, and rebirth, to which the artist associates emotions and moods.


Through his use of depth mapping and fusion with natural pigments through a cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic, Takamatsu creates a surreal and engaging experience that attracts viewers, capturing them in his vision of a dystopian future in which the power of the elements and in particular, the depths of the abyss and the Water element play a dominant role. The exhibition offers a unique perspective on the relationship between nature and technology, showing the power dynamics between the two and the impact of technological progress on the natural world.


In Takamatsu's new body of work, the doll-girls that are always the protagonists of the artist's luminescent canvases, peek out from oval frames that reveal embedded letters composing evocative words of the feelings invoked. Female bodies are suspended in contrast to fantastic suggestive and mystical landscapes and stand out against the sacred mountains of Japan or are surrounded by waves breaking against neon-lit urban landscapes.


The heroines emerging from swirling clouds and aquamarine depths of cyberspace are meticulously dressed, showing romantic ornaments and soft silk garments. The result is an introspective scenario that is both captivating and emotional, where natural elements are both a source of inspiration and a source of power.


In the works of "Lingering Thoughts of the Cyber Punk World", Takamatsu has deepened and elaborated the new palette of aquatic tones, but in addition to the water element, for this incredible solo exhibition, the artist has exclusively explored a new color palette, inspired by the golden rays of the sun, with the aim of conveying a message of positivity and energy. Through his characteristic technique of depth mapping, Takamatsu creates a sense of dimensionality in each of his works, drawing viewers deeper into the intricate details and layering of each piece. The result is an immersive experience that invites contemplation of the intersection of art, technology, and the natural world.


"Lingering Thoughts of the Cyberpunk World" is a reminder that, despite our technological advances, we are still very much a part of the natural world and that we should strive to maintain a balance between these two realities. We look forward to unveiling this must-see exhibition for Takamatsu's unique style and vision, which once again offers a stimulating and engaging exploration of a future that is as beautiful as it is mystical.